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Pettigrew’s new showroom is a one-stop destination for clients to turn their ideas and dreams into reality, with workspaces, WiFi, trending reports, publications, a coffee bar, tools and samples all nearby.  Designers and clients can enjoy a total interactive design experience by touching, feeling, testing, comparing, monitoring and modifying, to insure that the final product is exactly as they wish.

Pettigrew Showroom
1805 Market Center Boulevard | Dallas, TX   75207-3314

214.747.2232 | 800.766.7048 (toll-free)

Hours:  M-F 9 am to 5 pm, Sat by appointment

Showroom Salespersons:
Patrick LaRocca | e-mail: patrick@pettigrew-usa.com
Matthew Wilson | e-mail: matthew@pettigrew-usa.com

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